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HCR Services is the leader in NHS payee identification and revenue cycle management and is a Blenheim Chalcot portfolio company and part of the same group as Agilisys – the leading public sector transformation, software and services provider. This enables HCR to harness and provide best in breed and government approved infrastructure, platforms and process.

Our unique group structure allows for a dedicated offering to the healthcare market, designed to provide aggregated revenue management reimbursement and recovery services, giving our public sector clients access to the tools and strategies widely used across the private sector to improve financial management.

HCR’s provision of simple and practical solutions fit around and underpin government legislation, ensuring the NHS can continue to focus on its core agenda of patient care whilst also adhering to the highest standards of financial health and legislative adherence. Our partnership and high level of accreditation means that clients can benefit from increased revenues from accountable parties and individuals.

“Underpinning future financial stability for the NHS is a vital function required to secure long-term goals around patient care and quality of service. I am passionate about ensuring the NHS is able to make use of every available opportunity to achieve this. HCR Debt Services acts as the trusted partner of choice and as an agent of the NHS to help secure its future for decades to come”
Charlotte Argyle
“Our objective is to ensure the NHS gets its costs reimbursed where they should be. So that its essential funds are available to support Healthcare delivery in the communities that need it”
Adrian Fawcett
“In line with Government initiatives for the NHS to provide more than £30bn in cost savings HCR portfolio of products is the natural choice when it comes to improving an NHS organisations financial health”
Petros Apergis