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Charlotte’s early career was forged working at a national level across a number of NHS Foundation Trusts, Acute and former Primary Care Trusts, providing consultancy which provided I.T kit solutions inline with ministerial directives around the NPFIT and ‘Connecting for Health’. Over 8 years and most noticeably between 2004-2011, these projects included: PACS, Choose & Book and Electronic Patient Records, alongside bespoke solutions required for the unique working environments found within the NHS.

Passionate about bringing disruptive technology and innovation to the healthcare sector, co-founder and Managing Director of HCR Services, the leading revenue cycle management agent and financial reimbursement agent for UK healthcare.

  • Providing the NHS with booking, billing and invoicing utilities designed to underpin audit, CIP or legislative mandates around the recovery of third-party costs
  • Leading the way in government approved SAS innovation and blockchain technology
  • Practical solutions for payor identification driven by legislative change
  • Combining cloud-services & BPO designed for the unique challenges faced within the NHS

Former C-Suite advisor across AIM/FTSE350, Charlotte has a passion for start-ups, small-cap and disruptive challenger brands and a particular interest in pre-IPO growth objectives.

A keen developer and executor of strategies for growth, turnaround and success, she has assisted a number of businesses as an advisory NED including PLC experience on an ISDX listed fund and NED experience advising a number of startups on growth strategy.

She is the Founder of Vault Capital; the intermediary and Non-Exec consultancy provider ( and co-host and Chair of the annual ADVFN UK Investor Forum 2015.

“Underpinning future financial stability for the NHS is a vital function required to secure long-term goals around patient care and quality of service. I am passionate about ensuring the NHS is able to make use of every available opportunity to achieve this. HCR Debt Services acts as the trusted partner of choice and as an agent of the NHS to help secure its future for decades to come”
Charlotte Argyle