Announcing our new contract with G-Cloud Framework

As the leading revenue cycle management agent to the NHS,  we are delighted to announce today that we have been confirmed as a supplier of the Government Procurement Service; G-Cloud.  This renowned initiative which allows public sector bodies to procure IT services that use the cloud server across all UK Government departments, will allow our revenue identification and recovery platforms to operate with increased vigour. G-Cloud enables NHS organisations to buy ICT services quicker than other procurement methods. Because of this, the UK Government will consider using G-Cloud first and strongly recommends it to all public bodies that are carrying out ICT procurements.

Being able to offer our  innovative collection of products which includes payee identification, invoicing and billing, reconciliation, debt diagnostics and revenue collection services through the CloudStore, means that we can deliver these innovative solutions at lower procurement costs.

Like all suppliers of G-Cloud, our accreditation confirms that we have been through a rigorous process to ensure our credibility and suitability to provide solutions to the public sector and have met all relevant standards.

Charlotte Argyle, Managing Director of HCR Debt Services comments:

“We are delighted to receive G-Cloud accreditation for our NHS revenue identification and recovery platforms.  Over the last year, HCR has continued to broaden its service offerings inline with the key challenges our clients face around NHS cost recovery and revenue cycle management. We see G-Cloud approval as being an important step in our 2016/17 growth mission and a testament to our primary focus on innovation, security and quality of process and systems.”

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